*Kills you * ♥

Welcome to my carrd! Use the links to learn more about me >:3

About Me!

TME NB Lesbian, She/Her or They/Them
20, Indigenous/White Canadian
I have memory issues! Be normal about it.
We may "meet" several times. If I speak to you as though I do not know you after already having talked, let me know we've already met!


My interests change frequently, this list may become outdated!


  • D4vd

  • The Cab

  • Kesha


  • 2000-2010 Emo + Pop Songs

  • Modern rock and Lofi!!! I'm always accepting song recs in these genres.


  • Jerma985

  • Markiplier. sorry

  • Kittisaurus/Claireluvcat/CreamHeroes

  • Dollightful

  • Baumgartner Restoration

  • You Suck at Cooking

  • Emmymade


  • Mr.J <3

  • PWAA

  • UT/DR

  • Valheim

  • Sims 3+4

  • Minecraft

  • Stardew Valley

  • Marble Hornets

  • Elder Scrolls Universe (Esp Skyrim)

  • Cats!!! (Special Interest)

I am a writer and am very interested in my own characters. I'm cool and sexy like that.I am critical of ALL of my interests. Do not talk to me if you are not.


I kin for funsies! I do not believe I am my kins and will not interact with kin drama.

Before You Follow

Included customarily LMAO I'll block on sight
Do not interact with me or my content if:

  • You fit obvious DNI criteria (Homophobic, Transphobic, Fatphobic, Racist, ect.)

  • You support anything in relevance to sexualizing minors, minorities or animals (DDLG, MAP/NOMAP, Zoophiles, fujoshis etc.)

  • You are Panphobic/Aphobic

  • You are Anti-BLM/Anti-ACAB

  • You are a (T/Sw)erf/Truscum or Transmed

  • You don't support neo-pronouns

  • You support or enable cringe culture

  • You are "Pro-Ship" or "Anti-Anti"

  • You use Reddit (how did you even get here)

Trigger Tags

I will not follow you if you do not tag the following;

  • Spiders

  • Bugs

  • Gore